Trauma, anxiety, and the ADHD Mind untamed

Mind set quote - Always go with the choice that scares you the most because that's the one that is going to help you grow

Untamed Mind - Revealed

Untamed Mind - Revealed

This post will cover the untamed mind.

For those who live or have lived with trauma (Head-trauma specifically), anxiety, PTSD, and/or ADHD.

If not adequately treated those diagnoses slowly begin to consume you. For example, let us pretend someone had their first anxiety attack on a soccer field. The mind signals  DANGER DANGER.

The brain does this because our ancestors used something called FIGHT OR FLIGHT.So if one tribe member tried to pet a cute, cuddly bear cub. Momma bear doesn\'t like this... Bob never comes back. So, no more petting little cute cubs.

Back to the analogy, a person may signify the soccer field to being DANGEROUS. So they go to a soccer field then the brain flips the freak out DANGER DANGER. AHH heart pumps, another anxiety attack. Then the third time... this same person becomes worried that they will have another anxiety attack. They don\'t even reach the field this time. The brain is like DONT YOU FLIPPIN DARE.  The mind is haywire endorphin-ed-out and constantly in motion... worried about having an anxiety attack... The worries well lead to an anxiety attack...

Then everything becomes dangerous like the car they were sitting in a while on the way to the field. Now they don\'t want to drive... Soo on so on. BUT, by taking full control.  Then rewiring our mind from danger to, its going to be okay.


I want to let you all know. I have been through trauma, anxiety, PTSD. I have experienced the highs the lows. I will post more about my experience with ADHD and concussion. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to be the first to know.


Author: Morgan Sarkissian

23-year-old Nursing student, whose life got shifted in .056 seconds. My cars brakes failed me and in a split second my life was filled upside down I decided to create a blog to share my experience throughout my early twenties, and how I have learned to overcome life's biggest challenge. Who I am? I work with children who are gifted, by helping them transform their “so-called” weaknesses into strengths. I am an advocate for equality and mental health. I see people for who they are internally rather than what they are on the outside. Just an optimistic, caring, and driven nursing student wanting to help others who had their life flipped in a second.

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