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I work hard with the goal to help inspire others by helping them succeed.

  • Failure has taught me to be the person I am today.

  • I desire every day to make a difference, looking forward to tackling new and challenging opportunities and being the best that I can be. 

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As a Medical Professional

I understand the Importance of Confidentiality

As Creator of Morgan Inspired, I understand, and respect your right to privacy and I understand that community members of Morgan Inspired wish to control the use of their personal information. Your information will NOT be posted online until I have reviewed it and if you agree to the terms and conditions. (Unless you've directly noted otherwise).

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During and after the process of submitting your content and/or requesting services, your information will remain confidential. Until an agreement is made. This privacy policy outlines the measures taken by Morgan Inspired (Me) to protect your privacy in connection with your use of Submitting Inspiring Stories and being a part of the community. As well as, and not limited to, requesting my services in regards to promoting your business, and helping your company find their "Why". Morgan Inspired does not intend to collect any personal information that you did not previously agree apon.

If you feel Morgan Inspired (Me) has breached your contract, please immediately contact me. I will make sure no such breach is made. However, rare, if I feel you are a harm to your self or others. I may contact someone to help you. But, all other terms are tailored to each community member and will be further evaluated as time progresses. I am here as a support member, as well as your guide.

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