Stepping Back when Life Challenges Us.


Sometimes in life, we have events that take us by complete Surprise. I had something happen to me and at first I was completely distraught. But by stepping back I was able to see the situation in a different perspective.

My breaks failed. I went head-on into a stopped SUV at 55 mph. My car imploded on me. Totaled. In an instant.

My life — altered.

I knew that if I wanted to be the best nurse I could be I had to step back, I had to Listen to my body, my mind, and my heart. Each day my mind deteriorated I forgot minutes, hours, my visual memory dissipated. My ADHD increased X 3, I became disorganized, I developed acute-anxiety.

All new, I couldn't care for anyone like this it would be unsafe. Even though I had 3 months till graduation and It had taken me an extra 2 years already. Even though I had the potential to work at the two best hospitals in the nation with 5 units to choose from. I chose to medically withdraw... I chose my health. My dreams will be there, I just needed to get there. Push my self and rest.

This past year I have not only healed, but I have also had a year of life reflection. I grew as a person. I taught myself full stack coding, buisness, marketing, and I have read books I never thought I could get too. I have helped families I never would have met.

I  learned how vulnerable one could feel. The importance of self care when things are out of your control.

I have lost people. I have grown. I have met people. I have learned. All which I wouldn't have done if I didn't choose to step back and take care of my self. So I can soon take care of others.

I am ready. ‘19