What Does Being Rich Look like?

What it Means to be Rich

Why I drive through the affluent neighborhoods of Potomac, Maryland.


If you thought, it’s because I want a mansion, a nice Porsche, or because I want to live vicariously through them. 

Well whipper snapper, I got news for you, you are wrong.

It is not because I want a mansion or that I want an 18 car garage (yes there are people with a revolving James Bond looking garage) One of which decided one day he was going to invest in and buy air.

You know, the space above buildings… Who would have thought…

So now if any company wants to use his (space…aka air) (ie. Telephone wires or buildings wanting to be taller) who knows…

Anyways he became really rich and decided to buy him self his own personal car dealership.

While seeing these massive houses that people live in, it opens my brain into a weird trance of AWE.

Opening up strange and endless possibilities of what-ifs. As well as, opening the crazy and intriguing prospects of the world.

To be honest, it’s all about the possibilities, which are endless. I think I said that already… lol…

Reasons I Decide to Get in my Car and Drive.

  1. I drive through here when I need something to lift me up.

  2. These people accomplished something. (Even if it’s getting a sugar daddy — Kudos to you girl) < I would never. (I would need to give up if I was ever to even instill that idea in my head).

  3. Lastly, HECK they are gorgeous homes

Many people who live here got there because of internal motivation, by working hard, even when life got tough.

So I just know that all the hard work that I put forth will be worth it. It doesn’t matter the size of one’s house. That’s not what true luxury is.

Luxury is:

  1. Having a roof over your head

  2. The ability to feed your family

  3. The ability to appreciate the small things.

To achieve this “Luxury” or sense of “richness” one must learn to be grateful, and the importance of paying it forward.

Example 1:

You’ve been working hard for (let’s say) a new car. You worked everyday and night and then throw months — years of work into buying car. Now you can take your child to those soccer games. Or finally see that school play.

You treat that car like it’s the second jewel of your world (beside family — and maybe your pet fish Bob) all because… you earned it.

But the point I want to mention is materials do not define success or Luxury (but they do promote it— random woman lurking in your neighborhood, ehum, me.)

Example 2:

Imagine being a child saving up for that small red fire truck. That child will appreciate that fire truck more than any of his or her toys, Including that $600 game station. It isn’t about the money it’s about the effort one puts to a specific goal, and the paths and obstacles one overcame to get there.

The only way I can explain Luxury is through materialistic things. Because well culture has taught to “Super Size” everything. US American go big or go home. Well, yes and no. Hate to break it to you but after about $80000 happiness reaches its tipping point.

The point here is I want to earn my life.

I remember being 18. I was attending the local community college.

I had (still have) a friend who lives in basically castle with a gym, a sauna, and a movie theater. On top of that, their house is controlled using a touch screen control panel.

HECK, even their toilet (I don’t know what that thing could do or why one would need a smart toilet), but it could probably tickle your tushi if you asked it too. 🙃

Anyways being there helped me through community college. I had a rough upbringing. I never did well in school, I was always told how much of a failure i’d be..

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But then IT HIT ME.

I can do what ever the *BEEP* I WANT TO!

Certainly I could work on my grammar skills. But, I was to busy day dreaming about Jesse Mccartney.



Suddenly through the powers of the magic tickle toilet and me. I did super well in school (not so much AP lang…)🙃🙃

I had a (WOW moment)

So many opportunities!

Doors began opening.

  1. I was granted and accepted to one of the 3rd Best Universities.

  2. Received a full scholarship

  3. I applied and got accepted to the 2nd best nursing program.

My academic councilor: “good luck getting in. Honestly, Morgan, you should think about other options.”

BOY did I prove her wrong, I even scheduled an appointment to thank her. Why? Well because she pissed me off something fierce. But, it was just enough rage to make me work even HARDER.

Keeping the ball rolling. As I worked HARDER …. MORE DOORS opened!

  1. By stepping out of my comfort zone and asking questions

  2. I gained connections.

  3. By working hard

  4. I learned

  5. Connections just flood in like an uncontrollable hurricane…


  1. Once you get connected

  2. You learn

  3. You cry a-little

  4. You get smarter.

Suddenly, You are going places! Well, until your car malfunctions and you ram into the back of an SUV at 60 mph… (YES, happened to me recently — BUT thats a story for another time.) Word of advice: Too many doors = CHAOS.

So, If your place is a mansion go for it! But, the point is, i’ll never forget how much the houses of Potomac influenced me. Walking around the places, I never knew existed!

Haven’t we all have watched those crazy mansion shows. But to be in it… Wow. It makes it so real.

It’s just mind bottling. An inspiration I’ll cherish forever, and when I lose it I just have to hop in my car and explore places that I once thought was a fairy-tale.

Life is worth cherishing and working hard for.

Thank you for reading. (: