Rain Storm in Chapel Hill; May 16th 2018

Have you ever wondered how the clouds held so much water? A thought I had as the sky poured buckets of water all over Chapel Hill, NC. I was dry sitting in the library.

The intercom went off saying closing in five minutes I grab my stuff I walked out the door. Wondering how I would get from the doors of Library to my car on the other side of the parking lot. I adjusted my backpack and sprinted a football fields distance. I opened my trunk threw my stuff in the back. Went in my car. “Shit, my car has leather seats” As I spoke aloud to myself in the empty lot. I ran back outside. As buckets and buckets poured over me I was Trying to open the trunk. Which I realized when the little button won’t work. 
So i ran back to the driver's side popped the trunk and grabbed a towel. Then ran back to my car. Pressed the door button (which locked me out of my car) so I ended up screwing with the button for a second or two. Then it unlatched.  I stepped inside my car - drenched. Trying to minimize contact with my leather seats. I dried off my doors and covered my seats with the towel. “PHEW”..” WHAT AN ADVENTURE!!! I WANNA DO THAT AGAIN” *BOOM* a huge lightning rod strikes before my eyes. stunned....for a moment. but didn't last long before I thought, “yup, still want to run outside!!!”
In the mood to go on another adventure I thought “I WANNA GO TO THE STORE, Should I go to the book store... well no I need to go to Best Buy” I opened the maps and then got distracted by all the things I could do and go to.. knowing full well it was 8 pm and I have a 2 hour nuerology Evaluation appointment for my brain tomorrow at 9am didn't realize how bad it was outside. I guess I didn’t realize how bad it was till, it flooded....


I was driving jamming out to music and then ZOOOOMMMMM, someone in an SUV sped passed me to merge. I guess they hit a considerable vat of water... Because of all of a sudden, a wave of water hit my car which made me incoherent, blind, and pretty freaked out see for about 2 seconds it was pretty gnarly. But that definitely made me turn around and go back home to my apartment... however I can say I almost changed my mind.. since I mean the stores were only 1 mile away. But I drove home cold wet and slightly exhilarated. 
May 16, 2018