Neuroscience Training Appointment

Today I had a neuroscience training appointment during this appointment I learned first I had a well I have a textbook I have textbook ADHD and I did really well added a logic training test and another test because I finished so vast I took two breaks and I did really well at the colors in the numbers. He will send me my well Matthew Gregory will send me the whole workup of my violation he said that I have memory problems because of the one task where I was given a story and I had to recall the whole story again however while doing so I was unable to correctly recall the story and the events which made sense because that's my main problem recalling events and also I learned that having a concussion can cause ADHD for some time they prescribed ADHD medications for people to have a concussion and because I already have ADHD this makes it more difficult this means that I have ADHD exacerbation. ADHD is double the agency, and therefore I am double the unfocused which is why I'm getting stressed the room stress as well as different tasks and not being able to do it or feeling motivated. After my voice which took from 9 AM until 1240. I called Jordan Caulfield that I call my mom asked what happened when I called Jordan when I arrived back home after having a mango which I do like it's from Haiti, and it is bizarre tasting never again I then tolerated human. And I am sitting on the couch I purchased this today I'm going to work on my blog today and go to work at 245. Oh, I need to remember to transfer money into USAA account. Also, I need to remember to cancel BB&T I just got a notification saying that my transfer was posted therefore I can now move the money, so I think I'm going to stop at the ATM.

  1. I need to go to the doctor's office to pick up my new prescription because of the message the first time.
  2. I need to wait for confirmation on the speech therapist.
  3. Try another therapist.
  4. Brain training 

I learned that psychologist are like dating you guys show up talk to them if you don't like them or there is no ”connection” you try another therapist.