How to Conquer Life and Define Action for Change

Surround yourself with those who support you and not those who tear you down.


Follow your dreams.

Don't waste time explaining yourself to people who aren't capable of listening. So, step out of your comfort zone, they'll listen later.

Each doubt moves you closer to producing something extraordinary.

The highway 'or' the dangerous rugged road with no map?  

By choosing the dangerous road, you will run into obstacles, moving you closer to those who uplift you. A community of innovators.

By choosing the highway. You avoid meeting new people. You experience zero challenges or change.



Humans are remarkable.  We are capable of benefiting society.

The capacity for heroism.

Surround yourself with those who support you

not those who enjoy tearing you apart.

Erase the 'you can’t do it'  'no one will follow your ideas'  bullshit

People have a hard time thinking outside their cultural norms.

You CREATE your own dreams, goals, and aspirations.  An Original.  A Cultural Outlier. 

So, surprise the living shit out of those who said you couldn’t do it, taking the next opportunity towards change.


Success and happiness

Success and happiness aren't handed out like candy on Halloween.

People who strive to act are those who started at the bottom.

Placing themselves second; and into the shoes of others.  

Using the gaps as stepping-stones to climb to the top.

Change is the new million dollar word.

What do you think "needs a fixer-upper?"