A New World - Fantasy

A New World

One fight, one breath, the end of the world is near destruction. Those whose stories will never be heard. Those suffer the consequences of servitude will be never-ending. An indifferent life of an alternate reality is near the beckoning.

However, the flesh of those who retaliate will molt to the very existence of the rapture. The devil within them will tear them to pieces. Bit by bit, fear by fear, and bone by bone. The last breath will consist of the sounds of inverted flesh and the crunching of bones from their insides out.

This is a short story, explaining the new world. A world created by humans. A world where trees and grass cease to exist. A world where we breath is exposed only to synthetic molecules and atoms.

binary damage code

A world of numbers and computer interface. What happened that led to this dark world? Hell made into the reality of our children. Sound transformed from the glistening resonance that once resonated from the once pure world, into the binary impeccability of pipes and dripping tunnels.

We live underground, our world lightened up by the tunnels above us. Light transformed into water carried through pipes into the cage which encapsulates us. What is life? No purpose but to fight.

Coughing up blood I woke up alone. Concrete walls and a buzzing noise is all my senses could obtain. Suddenly I heard a whisper,  "The light is above..." then my vision blurred bit by bit my vision blackened, I fell unconscious.

I woke up on a platter. Well, I woke up on a metal bed in a room similar to the coronary. I was stripped naked marked with Sharpie. I thought, "what the fuck is going on, Where am I? A voice answered, "You are nowhere, you do not exist. No one does. Now sleep."

The lights went out and never turned back on.