How to Conquer Your Life and Unleash Your Capacity for Heroism.

Our Capacity for Heroism

Six Degrees of Separation Is Not That Far
Between You and What Really Matters

“The idea that everything is purposeful really changes the way you live. To think that everything that you do has a ripple effect, that every word that you speak, every action that you make affects other people and the planet.”~ Victoria Moran

Ripple Effect

The continuing and spreading results of an event or action.

I can't help but wonder how much of a difference one person can make in the world.

I look inside myself, questioning if I have the capacity for heroism and greatness.

But the truth is, every time we take an action, we make an impact.

Every single thing we do has an effect on the people around us.

Sending cascades of ripples into the world around us.

Driving to work we affect the surrounding cars.

Letting a car pass us may save a life; a job.

We stop for coffee; we affect the customers. We become a link in their lives.

Smiling at a person in line, could impact their day/life. They could go to work with a better attitude, get praised by their coworkers.

Then they become may change their work habits. Which may transfer to improving their relationships.

A single force of choice carrying out into the world

A force influencing the surrounding people — A Domino Effect.

chain reaction

Our smallest acts of kindness can cause a chain reaction of unexpected benefits for people we've never met.

We might not ever witness those results, but they happen.

You have the capacity for heroism.

You're influencing someone right now just by reading this.

And... it only took a few seconds.

Thank you for being you.

Let us inspire each other.