Beautiful Photography- Fan Branch Trail

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Fan Branch Trail, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Nature Photography

A Photo Expirence Story “Into The Woods”

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Into the woods by Morgan sarkissian on Exposure 

Into The Woods

Thank you for Looking at my Nature Photography Feed. There is so much Beauty around us, I never realized that until I began seeing through the lens of my camera. Now, I see beauty everywhere.

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Author: Morgan Sarkissian

23-year-old Nursing student, whose life got shifted in .056 seconds. My cars brakes failed me and in a split second my life was filled upside down I decided to create a blog to share my experience throughout my early twenties, and how I have learned to overcome life's biggest challenge. Who I am? I work with children who are gifted, by helping them transform their “so-called” weaknesses into strengths. I am an advocate for equality and mental health. I see people for who they are internally rather than what they are on the outside. Just an optimistic, caring, and driven nursing student wanting to help others who had their life flipped in a second.

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