Set Intentions

Fitness and Weight Loss, achieve total success by reading this guide.

Specify the thing you want to work on in one sentence as a concrete action or behavior (e.g. “I’m always making excuses when… I always procrastinate when… I’m stressed out in situations like…” etc.). 

Then take these steps:

 1. Imagine a situation in which the problem or behavior specified by you takes place. Take a moment to relax and visualize this situation. How do you feel?

2. Think about a part of your body in which this piece of you being responsible for this action or behavior resides. Locate this spot. Where is it?

3. Turn to this spot in your body where this part of yourself is and ask it, “What do you want? What precisely do you want to achieve by doing that? What happens when this feeling occurs? Wait for the answer and then write it down on a piece of paper. 

This answer is your first intention. Say “thank you” to this part for giving you the answer. 

4. Now, feel how it is when this new intention is entirely fulfilled. When you have fully obtained what this part of you wants to accomplish by this initial behavior/ action you’re working on. How will you feel when you are able to lose weight? What about abs? How will you feel when your pants start to feel loose? How about in those clothes you always wanted to wear?

Do as much as you can to feel it deeply and ask yourself this question, “Once you have and fully feel your intention, what you want to achieve by doing what you are usually doing, what’s even more important now?” 

Take the time to grasp the answer and then write it down. This is the next intention. Intention two.

5. Create your chain of intentions this way, repeating step four, every single time feeling each intention with in the chain and asking yourself what’s next. 

Do it until you can’t answer the question from step four. It means that you have discovered the “original condition” or “core state”: the ultimate, most important intention/ goal you want to achieve. 

Process of recognizing your intentions

Problem: I’m totally stressed out before exams! 

Question: What exactly do you want to achieve? 

Answers: Prepare myself thoroughly. 

-> Intention 1: Work out

-> Intention 2: Achieve the feeling of euphoria. 

-> Intention 3: Achieve the feeling of wearing those clothes you’ve always wanted. 

-> Original intention: Weight Loss

The original intention is usually connected to a deep feeling of something, in a sense, a state of being: e.g. weight loss, total euphoria, love, goal-oriented, presence, happiness. That’s the state the part we are working to follow through with. To achieve it by following through with the action or behavior you want to change.

It’s interesting as somehow this part of you concluded it will achieve that goal by acting or behaving a certain way. In a large majority of cases the outcomes are usually totally opposite. (I have expirenced this) However, by discovering yourself and setting your intentions daily, you can change this through provoking behavior and you CAN get the body you want. You can fit into those jeans again. You can learn to love fitness.

The last step of this exercise is by fully focusing on that original intention (I.e. Weight Loss). Focus on a specific feeling connect your mind and all your intentions. What do you want? How will you get there? How will you feel after you’ve accomplished your goal.

Now, thinking about each of these intentions from your previous chain of goals. This time work your way backwards (last intention to first) think about having the Original Intention.  How will you feel? How do you feel?    focus on the changes you plan to make and the feelings you want to accomplish by having and achieving each of these intentions. 

So, for example, having the instance above for consideration, you should first access the state of deep peace of mind (by physical exercise, visualizations, or meditation)  and then think about how having this peace of mind modifies or enhances the feeling of clearance. Clearance of success and weight loss.

Give yourself a moment to feel and imagine it, then proceed to the next intention (feeling of euphoria). 

At the end, think about how having the Original State/ Intention will influence the behavior or action you are working on. (You will feel on top of the world, you can check it off your list, you can start becoming addicted to the state of feeling that euphoric high after you exercise.

Try to step into and feel every intention you’ve made, while being entirely in the Original Intention (weight loss), and imagine for a moment how it changes every step of your chain of goals. 

At the very end, pay attention to how your approach to the behavior or action you are working with has changed. 

You are probably looking at your behavior differently now. You probably want to walk, bike ride, that yoga class you’ve always canceled.

Good, now do it.