How to Make a Difference in This Modern Age

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.

Without them, humanity cannot survive.

How to Make a Difference In This Modern Age.

Surround yourself with those who support you and not those who tear you down. The more people that say  “you can’t do it.” they will try and cconvince you that noone will like your ideas. They are wrong. If everyone listened to the devil on their sleeves the world would become a chaotic hell hole. fishing-volcano-lava-chilling.gif

Ignore the devil, fight for the light. The louder the voices are the more power you have over your ideas. Be the outlier in this life and surprise the living shit out of those who said you couldn’t do it. Bring out your own action for change, we are all born to inspire. Embrase the weirdness. I know I do.

Because being different means you have something to offer.imdifferent.gif

Originals and people with ADHD, Are those who fail the most they more likely to succeed because they try the hardest and fail the most.

For example:

Leonardo Divinci

Albert Einstein






Check out my post on the complexity and superority of ADHD.

People with original ideas have this constant fear and doubt. Constanly doubting their creative ideas. I learned that not all best ideas happen overnight. They happen through patience, practice, and failures. BASICALLY, you need a lot of bad ideas in order to get a few good ones. Maybe not a few… One good idea has the potential to overextend a few small good ideas.

What is the best way to improve the world around us?

According to Adam Grant, in a room of 100 people you decide to ask them what their best ideas were. Did you know that 85% won’t respond because they think their ideas are stupid, those are the originals. Check out the podcast. So that idea you think is stupid. May actually not be so stupid.

Also, if your the smartest person in any room, sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re in the wrong room.


I guess my elementary teacher was right. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

I love Mr.Bean.


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23-year-old Nursing student, whose life got shifted in .056 seconds. My cars brakes failed me and in a split second my life was filled upside down I decided to create a blog to share my experience throughout my early twenties, and how I have learned to overcome life's biggest challenge. Who I am? I work with children who are gifted, by helping them transform their “so-called” weaknesses into strengths. I am an advocate for equality and mental health. I see people for who they are internally rather than what they are on the outside. Just an optimistic, caring, and driven nursing student wanting to help others who had their life flipped in a second.

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