Rejuvenated Hopes


  • A story written by Dismas Odhiambo, the first person who was directly inspired to help his community and work with Morgan Inspired to create Vision and change.

As we grow up, our hopes, renewed with prospects of a better future life (great jobs, family, business...) YOU name it. Guided with the efforts we put in, the role models, and mentors we look up to we are convinced that our dreams are bound to come true. However, as months dissolves into weeks, weeks into days, we face life problems; awing at the realization that these prospects are evaporating into the passing winds of time. "Why?" We ask. Well, I'm just about to answer that.

I was only one when my dad passed. Brought up with a single mum who didn’t have a stable source of income. Life wasn’t a walk in the park. With meagre finances from running a small business and subsistence farming. I saw her struggle to the point of developing stomach ulcers to make sure ends meet, provide basic needs, and ensure her kids are spiritually and morally upright.

Enrolled in a community public primary school I developed a low self-esteem. Feeling overwhelmed and spending most of the time bemoaning my misfortunes, as life challenges hindered my ability to see my best self.

Scoring low grades, developing into an absent-minded boy who never finished teachers work on time. How could I escape the circumstances? Full of doubts, I tried to answer these endless questions by myself. Since guilt couldn’t allow me to ask my mum. Seeing her struggle and her health deteriorating each day due to stress; asking her these questions would be akin to a time bomb waiting for the right time to explode. 

Seeking to find an edge for my future, I was provoked into seeing challenges differently when I met a doctor during one of my clinic visits. He was able to read my life troubles right in my face. He decided to share his story, the past life struggles he faced and overcame into fulfilling his dreams of becoming a physician, a defining moment. 

My life totally changed. Rejuvenated my hopes, inspired, and motivated me into becoming the person I’m today. 

If you like? Tell me more about who you are today?

Today am a final year student at Moi University pursuing Bachelor of Science in Strategic Management, driven by objective; to bring immediate and strategic value and develop current skillset further by maintaining professionalism and accuracy in all my duty stipulation.

My main future milestone is being an entrepreneur who fresh ideas for tackling problems that have been long ignored by policymakers and entrepreneurs so that I achieve business sustainability. Finding solutions as an entrepreneur, to empower and improve lives of people, creating jobs, developing innovative ideas and solutions by bringing innovative ideas to rural areas fill the market gap and provide services and goods they need, help people find their drive, inspiration and ‘why’ by playing an active role and being part of MORGAN INSPIRED initiative.

I work for Dioc Strategic Consultancy as the founder, where we provide insights to Business owners on how to develop strategies for effective business management through goal setting, determining actions to achieve the goals and mobilizing resources to execute actions. Developing values and opportunities, monitoring success of operations against projected targets and performing strategic planning reviews, identification of unique strengths and opportunities, and developing realistic plans for growth, stability and continuity in all conditions

Through a shared story, I realized that all of us experience life challenges. How we handle these struggles on a daily basis determines our physical and mental well-being. Sometimes these challenges consume us with guilt, panic attacks or chronic fatigue. Our problems pressure us from every side, threatening to crush or break us. Surprisingly, all life challenges have a direct relationship in defining our purpose in life. If only we could find assurance that there is a plan or reason for difficulties we face, we would say that life challenges and future life success are neither two sides of the same coin nor do they mutually exist, However, hard life can be with many challenges blinding us, success still can reign.

When I heard of Morgan Inspired, my eyes lit up, and I felt like all my life problems are soon being nipped in the bud. Being one of the people whose lives got a new direction through a shared life story from a person whom I had assumed to have led a perfect life without any challenges since childhood. This was a Perfect place of sharing life stories to touch a heart, inspire and motivate. We spend our lives bemoaning misfortunes that constantly buffet us, with Morgan Inspired this is a chance to explore the dark straits of life for a new and better life prospects. 

My hope is to have "a sustainable and empowered community which can realize that sometimes all we want is on the other side of fear through a shared story." (Morgan Inspired) With Morgan Inspired, we shall all be able to get rid of fears that keeps us on the “safe and familiar” side of the brick wall ahead of us. To develop a fear that will instead prod us into action, inspiring us, so we improve and touch lives in our community, not only through life stories; but also, being able to address emerging issues affecting us in the best way!


Written by Dismas Odhiambo

Edited by Morgan Sarkissian