Uncharted Lands

Uncharted Lands

Everything once made sense

Then suddenly
The ground beneath me transformed
Slipping between my toes
Pulling me into an alternate reality

A place which propagated the inception
My inception


Lost in uncharted lands
Hidden in my own despair
locked away from light

Peering down at me
Earth was no longer beneath me
It was in a realm parallel to where I stood

Suddenly, a speck of light appeared above me
Spewing a spectrum of colors unforeseeable to the human eye
Each color was connected at a pinpoint
Spewing more colors as though attached to luminescent fibers

Which instantly transformed into waves

Waves of Connections
The waves encapsulated me

Creating a sense of connectedness to the earth and life above me

My body surrounded by an enchanted synchrony of impulses that were once hidden

Undiscovered emotions seeped through my pores exposing them to the new junction of light.

I became their host

Which glowed stronger with each connection

Spewing out spores
Nurtured by life
The spores glistened as they transformed into a ray of filaments

It was as though they grew legs they began to crawl along my skin
Touch was no longer a sensation elicited by my tormented nerves


Human Connection

Elicited tranquility

Where did I go?

Why was this place hidden until now?


Author: Morgan Sarkissian

23-year-old Nursing student, whose life got shifted in .056 seconds. My cars brakes failed me and in a split second my life was filled upside down I decided to create a blog to share my experience throughout my early twenties, and how I have learned to overcome life's biggest challenge. Who I am? I work with children who are gifted, by helping them transform their “so-called” weaknesses into strengths. I am an advocate for equality and mental health. I see people for who they are internally rather than what they are on the outside. Just an optimistic, caring, and driven nursing student wanting to help others who had their life flipped in a second.